Moving Lights in the City - Lonely ?

We are a new generation corporate finance law firm focusing on deal structuring, corporate compliance and financial inclusion. Located in the international financial hub of Hong Kong, we are founded upon statistical deal studies and equipped with a database of researched Hong Kong deals of the recent decades, and we seek to empower corporate finance transactions with a meaningful difference. Our firm is driven by research technologies and modern methodologies. We apply result-oriented practice theories to the delivery of legal services. Our vision is to promote meaningful legal contributions to the financial services industry and our principal values are Technology, Respect, Excellence and Equity (TREE):

Technology – use technology and information strategies skillfully and innovatively to empower our practice”

Respect – encourage all stakeholders to develop respect for the rights and dignity of all people in the business community”

Excellence – commit to excellence in all aspects of our practice and to go the extra mile or two in every opportunity”

Equity – focus on collaboration in a fair, just, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner”

We set our firm’s objectives as including the promotion of corporate governance, investor education and financial inclusion. We have been analyzing corporate finance transactions and their mechanisms in terms of achieving specific commercial objectives over the past decades, on the basis of which we devised the framework of our firm’s methodologies for deal execution. Our main areas of legal services include:

Corporate Services

  • Fund Establishment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Administrative Services
  • Licensing
  • ESG and Corporate Governance
  • Board and Senior Management Training
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management Related Health Check
  • Legal Services to Entities Upon Investigation by Regulators

Listing and Financing

  • IPO, Secondary Listing, Spin-off, Rights Issue, Open Offer and Equity Financing
  • Convertibles and Other Issuance
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity and Pre-IPO Financing
  • Redomicile, Board Transfer
  • Project Financing
  • Takeover Financing
  • Energy and Infrastructure Financing
  • REIT and Structured Financing
  • Debt Markets Financing, MTNs and Debt Listing

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Cross Border Investment and Acquisition
  • Transaction Design, Due Diligence and Management
  • Takeover Planning
  • Takeover Regulatory Compliance
  • Privatization
  • Whitewash Transaction
  • Post Acquisition Integration


  • Capital Reorganization and Group Restructuring
  • Equity Incentive Scheme and Staff Trust
  • Asset Protection and Liquidation
  • Non-performing Asset Restructuring
  • Investigation, Litigation and Enforcement relating to Winding-up
  • Debt and Equity Restructuring
  • Resumption Cases